Company Background


Atrium is a platform under Azalea,Temasek, which allows accredited investors to co-invest with Azalea to enjoy privilege access to quality private equity funds globally.


In this project, we were engaged to build a platform with two different portals, for both the admin and investors.The bulk of the design work was focused on building a seamless sign up experience for investors. We were focused on making the user experience of a traditional and tedious method of onboarding more efficient.


The USP of the platform was based on how easily investors could onboard on to the platform.We had to craft and simplify the sign up journey that includes a considerable amount of compliance processes would have to abide by in order to begin investing.
The core functionality of this project are split to two different sections: the admin and investor portal. Admins need to be able to add new teaser funds, review KYC and AI documents submitted, and check balances and invoices. While the core functionalities of investors are that they need to be able to view new fund teaser pages, view investment portfolio and view datarooms.


Overwhelming amount of compliant documents required.

  • We had to constantly change our user journeys and flows due to extra requirements when it came to onboarding a new investor.
    To solve this, we crafted a detailed user signup journey that was split up into multiple different sections in which they could reference to and add on top of easily, without modifying too much when we went into the development stage.
  • Condensing the user journey for them to unlock the basic fund information

  • There are many steps that a user has to take in order to unlock the full fund information, which would require all legal documents to be reviewed and submitted. To encourage users to complete the full sign up journey, we have decided to reveal information according to whichever documents they have submitted.

  • My role

    UIUX Designer

    Project timeline

    3-4 Months

    2. My Design Process


    1. Collecting Requirements

    We had many discussions with azalea to create a foundation information architecture of the project and the third party solutions we had to include in our flow.


    2. Create user journeys

    After understanding the objectives, I began to create the user journey of each personas, which in this case was the admin and investor.


    3. Wireframes

    We bashed out high-fidelity wireframes onto all the require responsive sizes to communicate the user journey for all three of the personas and highlighted what elements needed to be changed according to the different devices sizes


    4. Prototyping core functionality

    We went on ahead to create a proof of concept especially for something as complex as the investor onboarding process to simulate the solution.


    5. Look and Feel

    We started with creating a design system which aligns with the company's branding guidelines and creating moodboards to include unique UI elements onto this platform.


    6. Design Handoffs

    We created design systems for all the components that were constantly reused in the project and included all source zeplin links according to the sitemaps for easy reference.


    Digitizing KYC and investor documents

  • The conventional way of submitting kyc and investor documents proved to be extremely inefficient and time consuming with many back and forth required. Therefore we had to include into our designs a way for investors to upload documents online without the need of handling any physical documents and a notification tabs of the review progress.

  • Simplifying the onboarding experience
  • Having a tedious and long onboarding experience meant that the user constantly has to be reminded and access the wizard ui to keep them on track of what has to be submitted next in order to unlock full access to fund information

  • Locked access based on compliant documents submission
  • We also had the challenge of making individual information locked based on the order of compliance documents submitted. how we solved that was through a streamlined process of bringing the user to a popup of the required documents whenever they press on a block of locked information.

  • Persona type:

    Persona type:

    Admin User Journey

    Overview of the user journey for an admin. from the dashboard, they would be able to navigate to investor activities, managing documents and add new funds

    Investor Journey (Onboarding)

    Overview of the user journey for onboarding an investor.

    Investor Journey (Dashboard)

    Overview of the user journey for an investor. from their portfolio dashboard, they would be able to navigate to funds subscribed, view new funds listed and datarooms.


    This is where we create sitemaps and brainstorm the connection focusing on the main categories



    We made low fidelity wireframes and flows based on a simple user journey for investors subscribing to funds.

    Initial Idea 1

    I felt an action button was needed so that users will be able to access either the main menu or the wizard ui to keep them on track while filling out forms, which will adopt a global position on the bottom right of the screen on smaller devices. Here is how i displayed them on all the responsive devices.

    Initial Idea 2

    In teaser fund pages, the cta of button changes to the step that user has to take next in place of a subscribe button

    (click thumbnails to see more)

    Interaction GIFs recorded from prototype.
  • Menu Navigation

  • Wizard UI

  • KYC Steps
  • 6. Production wireframes

    Below are the final production wireframes for the project. (In some projects I cannot showcase all of them due to confidentiality issue).

    7. Design Systems

    8. Final Thoughts

    Overall, I was pretty satisfied throughout the design and development process of this project. The sign up experience is very intuitive and hopefully the whole experience translates into a very useful platform when it comes to digitizing the investor onboarding process.

    Key takeaways

    This was one of the first projects I did while I was a designer at XEN. It was a first for me, dealing with complicated and strict compliance matters. There were definitely some hiccups along the way I could have avoided however, I definitely have taken it with me and used it as a learning experience to be a better designer.