UIUX Designer


I am a designer with a core focus on UI/UX. My interests include creating products that are not only visually appealing, but also fulfil business objectives through well designed user experience.

I enjoy the challenge of either building products from scratch or making existing ones better. Outside working hours I'm constantly involved in freelance projects or personal projects.



UX Research


For my research process I first break down who my target audience is and what their incentives are to use the product. I compare these findings against the business objectives. Sometimes my research also includes play testing and user feedback.


Flinto | Protopie

For low fidelity prototypes I bash my ideas in a programme called Flinto however for more detailed prototypes I use Protopie because it allows me to include logic in my prototypes.



For wire-framing my application of choice is Sketch. There is a lot of hype for other softwares like Figma and adobe XD however I feel they still have yet to catch up with Sketch's variety of time saver plugins and beautiful eco system.

User Testing

Protopie | Hotjar

Hotjar is a very great tool for studying behaviour patterns. It is my tool of choice for creating heat maps and studying engagement. I also like to use Protopie to creat a high fidelity prototype to simulate the final product.

Design Systems

Zeplin | Sketch

An important part of the handover process is creating robust Design systems for developers to reference to get the product as consistent to the designs as possible. Zeplin is a great tool as it allows developers to reference the CSS of the designs.

Documentation & Handoff


Overflow is a great tool that I have been using in a lot of projects because it can be shared via web and embedded in html. It also flows smoothly in sketch's eco system.



Senior UIUX @ XEN

Samuel Kung

"It was a pleasure working with Simin at my time with XEN. She has a great work ethic and a continous growing desire to learn. Never have I met an easier student to teach. She has great critical thinking skills when it comes to solving problems.She has a bright future ahead and any organization is lucky to have her."

Product Manager @ XEN

Wei Ming Lim

"I really enjoyed my time working with Si Min. She is always the hardest working in the room and consistently delivers top-quality designs. She redesigned our website and worked on a variety of projects, from mobile apps to web portal and provided numerous inputs on improving the user experience. Other than her exceptional work, she is always on time and meet deadlines. Whoever has her in the team will indeed see an increased in quality of work produced."

Lead Developer @ The FanMetric

Naren V

"Simin is a great addition to any team. She is quick on her feet and likes to tackle challenges head on. Her work is a great example of quality and excellence. It was a pleasure working together in our time at Xen."

Product Manager @ XEN

Trevor Soh

"A natural problem solver. A constant reminder that difficult problems can always be solved with creative thinking. She is a great communicator and has an excellent attitude towards her work."